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Treatments Offered at Mission Infusion

Mission Infusion focuses on antibiotic therapy to treat a wide range of infections. Antibiotic therapy can be administered in the treatment suite or at home when medical coverage permits. Each patient will receive a consultation from our on-site Infectious Disease Physician who will design an appropriate treatment protocol for each patient.

The Mission Infusion Alternative

Mission Infusion provides residents of San Diego County an alternative option to hospitalization while receiving infusion therapy. Statistical data has demonstrated for years that patients who are allowed to go home recover faster than those who are forced to adapt to a temporary environment. Daily physician oversight ensures that the patient is receiving appropriate treatment that will lead to the best possible outcome.

Infection Control

Epidemiology is the study of infections and how they spread through people such as hospital and nursing-home patients.

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Infusion Therapy

People with short bowel syndrome, immune deficiency, multiple sclerosis, chronic infections, cancer, late ...

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Infusion Services

Also known as Hospital at Home, home infusion therapy can avoid or shorten costly hospital stays ..

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Wound Care

Our physicians, wound care nurses and technicians are extensively trained in advance wound care techniques.

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